The Last Emperor returns to Japan

The polarizing figure of Fedor.

Some consider him the worlds greatest pound for pound fighter ever; some consider him the worlds greatest fight-ducker ever; some more recent fans don’t even know who he is.. But for those that do, whether you love him, hate him or feel otherwise – you probably want to see him fight again, right?

I guess we’ll see..

Bellator Dynamite poster

We all know what we’re in for when it’s a Bellator MMA Event, awesome MMA and.. drama! Usually the type of drama that is not good for Bellator or MMA but this time it might be a little different!

The scene was set and Bellator delivered with a huge announcement that Fedor had signed with an affiliate of Bellator’s in Japan! Kevin Kay – Spike TV president was proud to make the announcement that helps cement Spike (and Bellator) as relevant in what is becoming a turbulent and dynamic MMA world once again.

Fedor has signed a 2 fight deal with a Japanese MMA promotion that will work with SpikeTV and BMMA to bring the fights to everyone FREE. Will it be the superfight from 10 years ago Fedor vs Couture??

Fedor Image w TXT

Let us know what you think about the return of Fedor, fighting in Japan and not the West and sit back and watch these classic Fedor highlights while you ponder his potential opponents.. #chur!

What do you think?

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