Ev Ting is under control

One of the true gentlemen of the fight scene here, the Malaysian native that passionately calls NZ his 2nd home is looking to re-assert himself at the top of the roster by stepping back into the ONE Championship cage this Friday against Philippines fighter Honorio “The Rock” Banario at Tigers of Asia.

ONEFC Tigers Of Asia

#TheUW – Hey Ev! Thanks heaps for catching up with me, it’s always a massive pleasure 🙂 Tell us about your 3 highs so far this year!

My 3 highs in 2015 would have to be:

  • Getting my 3rd finish in a row inside the ONE Championship cage

  • Pimping out my own little apartment here in Asia

  • Eating 😀


#TheUW – Ok, now tell me about your lows.. 

  • Ending my winning streak to Marat Gafurov in May

  • Cutting weight

  • Personal & Family problems


#TheUW – How has coaching changed the game for you? A lot of people have commented that coaching can give athletes another level of understanding, what did you find?

“There is always a battle to find the balance between coaching and fighting.

Coaching, meaning not just taking classes and showing techniques, but connecting with athletes & building them up to achieve goals or fight camps.

When you’re fighting all you need is to invest a lot of time in yourself to craft into the ‘ultimate’ machine.. But yes by coaching you look at techniques from another point of view and that will make you more open minded.”

Ev 2

#TheUW – Your last fight was a war – if you had it again, how would you have prepped differently (if at all)?

“(I).. could have obviously worked with more high-level grapplers, wrestlers and (BJJ) black belts..

.. But being more patient is what I learnt from it as well as maybe kicking harder so maybe he would’ve felt that cut to his face and (maybe) slowed him down a bit! 🙂 [laughs]”

#TheUW – It’s fight week, you’re bouncing back from a loss and putting the finishing touches on your preparation for your fight this weekend – How are you feeling?

“(I’m) feeling great!

My weight cut is on point and am feeling amped for this one back in my home town Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

I have a lot of loyal and true supporters behind me so I will be carrying them when I step in the cage!”

#TheUW – What would be the perfect ending to 2015 for Ev Ting?

“The perfect ending would be back on a winning streak and starting to make that full time athlete purse/salary!”

Ev 3 w TXT

#The UW – Where can people catch up with you online bro?

“I always reply to anyone who pops me a message via my Social Media, especially Facebook & Instagram!!”

#TheUW – Shot Ev, all the luck for Friday my bro!

“Cheers! Appreciate your time bro :)”

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