Hendricks out.. Hangman IN!

If you weren’t already aware, Johny “Big Rig” Hendricks is out of his UFC 192 contender match with Tyrone “T-WOOD” Woodley due to kidney complications caused by a tough weight-cut leaving the former UFC Welter-Weight Champ hospitalized but recovering well (the entire match has been scrapped & Woodley now has the next title shot at Robbie Lawler!).

Enter The Hangman.

Dan Hooker - Credit Troy Goodall - with txt 2

The much anticipated match between Aotearoa’s own Dan Hooker and Yair “Pantera” Rodriguez has been bumped up onto the UFC 192 Prelims MAIN EVENT!

The last time that Dan Hooker was on the main card he but on an awesome show and highlighted his growth as a fighter with a POTN KO of Pride legend Hatsu Hioki!

Dan Hooker - w TXT

Congrats Dan – Another HUGE opportunity to showcase your skills to the world!

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The Hangman

“I am tired.. But I am at peace.” is a line from the poem that shares the name of this article and also shares the fight-name of my next guest – Dan “The Hangman” Hooker.

Dan Hooker

It’s a nice sunny New Zealand morning, still crisp at 9 degrees (Celsius) and as I write this I think of Dan as he’s a day, and a world away in 24 degrees of rain, with 80% humidity in Texas, USA. Coming off a potential KO of the year where he received a $50,000 bonus and what has been a huge year of growth and development for him in all aspects.. I couldn’t wait to talk to him about life.

Map to TXS

#TheUW – Hey Dan, Thanks heaps for the catchup 🙂  Tell me about your top 2 achievements/milestones in the last twelve months! 

My biggest would have to be my engagement to my beautiful fiancé 🙂 , the other would be finally ticking head kick KO of my to do list! 

#TheUW – You won a POTN bonus in your most recent UFC appearance where you methodically took out a true MMA legend from the Pride days, Hatsu Hioki. Congrats on that, it was a brilliant fight where you executed almost faultlessly. What did your performance in that fight do for you mentally, and also in terms of the $50k – what has that given you the ability to do now?

I knew that I was capable of that kind of performance, I felt comfortable and the fight went how we had anticipated.  So in terms of my mentality it doesn’t really change anything, maybe a bit of reassurance but no surprises 🙂 The bonus allows me to focus on training with less distraction. But more so it has allowed me to see that all the hard work does pay of and has driven my ambition.

Hooker vs Hioki

#TheUW – At the beginning of the year you made a big move in camps heading over to Saigon Sports Club & reuniting with a man that you have said is one of your favourite coaches in Caesar Barry Robinson (AMSB/Clean Boxing). What did you gain from that and were there any cons or disadvantages from the move?

Yeah, the experience and knowledge that I gained from coach Barry over the five months in Vietnam was invaluable.

Besides the training and practical side of improvements there was a big mental change. In the past I had (previously) been getting as fit and ready as I could & then going into the fight and trying my hardest to win.

Now (I’m) preparing intelligently, breaking down an opponents weaknesses and winning the fight in the gym a long time before I step in the cage.


#TheUW – Having trained in Thailand before, you’ve had a taste of the real South East Asia – anything from your time in Saigon that was a bit of a culture shock?

The whole experience was a massive culture shock haha but a saying that has guided me through the years is “get comfortable being uncomfortable”.

.. that’s why I love to travel and train and get out of my comfort zone..

If you are able to focus in such an uncomfortable environment and that becomes your norm, then fight week is nothing new.

#TheUW – You got engaged at the beginning of the year, congrats! Your fiancé was able to travel to Saigon with you while you were in camp. How big is that support role and did it change with the engagement & being immersed in another culture?

Yeah, that’s my balance.

Generally, I’ll just get so carried away with training and the fight (and) its all I think about. Having my fiancé their gives me a chance to mentally relax and get away from all the stresses of training.

Dan Hooker - w TXT

#TheUW – Turning to the future now: Where are you in camp for your upcoming fight against fellow UFC up & comer Yair Rodriguez?

I’m in Auckland for this camp working with some of the best fighters in the country!

The training partners I have in my camp are much stronger than my next opponent so come fight night I will be well prepared.

 I’m working my strength and conditioning with Makoto Endo, he will make sure I’m physically in the best shape of my life.  My wrestling coach for this camp Andrei Paulet has been a big part of improving my game and has been a great new addition!

#TheUW- Every fight in the UFC for you is pretty much the most important fight of your career but do you feel like it’s really crunch time now with both of you putting a run together at the moment & looking to hit your straps heading towards the top 10?

You said it!

Every fight is make or break, but that’s the way I have treated my entire career so I’m not new to the pressure 🙂 ..

.. But yea I’m so close to the top of the division I can taste it! Yair will have to bring a bat or a gun with him to stop me when we get in there!

Dan Hooker vs Yair Rodriguez

#TheUW – Now there have been a huge range of reactions from everyone in and around the world of MMA to the UFC & Reebok apparel deal going live. What does the Reebok deal mean to you?

The Reebok deal is nothing but great news for me!

Reebok is going to give me a bunch of new gear and then cut me a cheque post-fight, so no complaints from me!

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Featured Image -- 160

#TheUW – You’re a true ambassador for NZMMA and Aotearoa in general. Does that play into your mind when you’re doing the fight-week media or what is going through your mind at those times?

Fight week I’m just enjoying the moment, all the hard work has been done.

All the support from NZ is great!

The well wishes and support do give me a big push in the last couple of days. I think especially with my next fight being so far away that being able to connect with everyone via social media is a great tool!

#TheUW – NZs combat scene seems to be humming along nicely now and with the addition of Fair Pay Fighting to the mix with their unique system of live streaming, what do you think this could mean to NZ?

Its exactly what kiwi fighters need for exposure, giving them the chance to connect with the online market is great!

With New Zealand being so far away geographically it means we often have to take fights short notice or for less money to get noticed..

This system will allow fighters to build their name internationally and increase their demand through social media.

#TheUW – Awesome Dan – You know we’ll be watching back home along with the rest of the world when you step back in their at UFC 192 this weekend! Any shout outs?? 🙂

Copious Clothing

Makoto Endo Personal Training

Andrei Paulet Personal Training

Tony Martins Sport Connection

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The Mauler speaks his mind

UFC Light Heavyweight contender and the only man to take former Champ Jon “Bones” Jones to the limit in the cage, Alexander Gustafsson spoke his mind about the Reebok apparel deal and the impacts he sees the deal having on the newcomers to the sport.

When asked what he would do if he was the head of the UFC he said:

“Pay the fighters a lot more money … for all the hard work … and the sacrifices … fighters generally do to fight, I think they’re a little bit underpaid.”

He also went on to say:

“The same thing with the Reebok deal, too.

I don’t have anything negative to say about it. I just think … why take away from fighters who haven’t established themselves in the organization? They have a hard time already, so why take away the small sponsors so they can pay the rent and pay their bills? Why take that away too? Really squeezing that last money from the fighters that haven’t been established yet. I think it’s sad to see.”


“Of course (it makes the sport less attractive)… It’s hard as it is.

Some of them don’t have a choice, they have to do the sport to survive.

Some of them don’t. But I still think that the more support you can have from local sponsors … the more time you have to put in the gym and the more the sport will develop.

It’s just that this Reebok deal is not going to help the fighters.”

He makes a compelling argument to me?

As most people know the UFC & Reebok deal has been a wondrous source of humour around the internet and here are a couple of the best – enjoy.

UFC reebok meme1 UFC reebok meme2 UFC reebok meme3

Chamatkar Sandhu of MMAJunkie.com sat down with him and spoke candidly about the grass roots development of MMA and a quick chat about UFC200 – HERE

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The Last Emperor returns to Japan

The polarizing figure of Fedor.

Some consider him the worlds greatest pound for pound fighter ever; some consider him the worlds greatest fight-ducker ever; some more recent fans don’t even know who he is.. But for those that do, whether you love him, hate him or feel otherwise – you probably want to see him fight again, right?

I guess we’ll see..

Bellator Dynamite poster

We all know what we’re in for when it’s a Bellator MMA Event, awesome MMA and.. drama! Usually the type of drama that is not good for Bellator or MMA but this time it might be a little different!

The scene was set and Bellator delivered with a huge announcement that Fedor had signed with an affiliate of Bellator’s in Japan! Kevin Kay – Spike TV president was proud to make the announcement that helps cement Spike (and Bellator) as relevant in what is becoming a turbulent and dynamic MMA world once again.

Fedor has signed a 2 fight deal with a Japanese MMA promotion that will work with SpikeTV and BMMA to bring the fights to everyone FREE. Will it be the superfight from 10 years ago Fedor vs Couture??

Fedor Image w TXT

Let us know what you think about the return of Fedor, fighting in Japan and not the West and sit back and watch these classic Fedor highlights while you ponder his potential opponents.. #chur!

And… Still?

In a shock announcement made less than an hour ago, (at time of publishing), The UFC has announced that Alexander “The Mauler” Gustafson has been sidelined from the much anticipated rematch with Jon “Bones” Jones due to injury.

His new opponent?

The one and only – Daniel “DC” Cormier.

Read more details here.

This begs MANY questions, the main one though – can DC climb the mountain and take the gold?

He’s definitely been talking the talk, and watching his MMA evolution in living colour over the past 18 months has been incredibly interesting. This guy trains with (as Joe Rogan proclaims) “The baddest man on the planet” Cain Velasquez – that’s no joke, and from what I’ve seen of their sparring together, DC is as good, if not slightly better than his UFC Heavyweight-gold-wearing friend and AKA (American Kickboxing Academy) team-mate.

That being said, JBJ has been doing his own development with the most recent display of this being his incredibly dominant victory over Glover Taxiera. Bones absolutely dismantled the Glover hype-train when they squared off and showed that he indeed out-classed the smaller, striking-reliant Taxiera (eye-poke attempts are a topic for another day).

So, who do you rate? Who do you hate? And why??

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